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Nobodies is a graphic adventure where you play Mark, a crime scene cleaning expert. To play, you have to clean up every trace at the scenes of some pretty grisly crimes. You have to make sure there are no bodies, blood, or even the smallest sign that something awful happened.

The gameplay in Nobodies is typical of first-person graphic adventures. By tapping the screen, you can interact with the environment and pick up objects. In your inventory, you can see all the objects you've collected and use them to solve puzzles.

This game is set in the 70s, and the story unfolds as you go to various crime scenes to clean up. Sometimes, you'll have to make a body disappear no matter what it takes. On other occasions, you'll have to make it look like the crime was an accident.

Nobodies is a killer graphic adventure. The story and scenarios are interesting enough to keep you hooked. What's more, the difficulty level is perfect (not too hard, but not too easy) and the graphics are really well done. The game is also completely free. You can play all the chapters, from the beginning to the end, without paying a dime.
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Requires Android 2.3 or higher